mutt Blackest Sabbath 125 LTD


The Blackest Sabbath 125 LTD

You know Mutt was born in Birmingham, England right? Well, we like making things out of metal. We like listening to Metal too. And the best, the heaviest and the first Metal was also born in Birmingham, right around the corner from Mutt HQ. This is our little tribute to the other Black Metal from Birmingham. And if you need to ask why – close the curtains, draw a pentagram on the floor, light candles, turn the lights out, google it and turn it up loud.

Black Metal from Birmingham

A Mongrel on steroids. The Sabbath is pumped up into an aggressive stance with those super chunky Continental Twinduro tyres rolling on wide satin black rims with fully blacked out spokes. This is an all out dark and moody midnight machine that you wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley late at night. We chose black diamond pattern grips on wide flat bars sitting over a chunky front end, giving great rider confidence and let you tuck right in like the proverbial Iron Man carving up the traffic.

Beady Eye

We’ve gone as black as we can on this one, stealth matt black paint of course with many of the trim details swapped out for satin black. That slick bespoke black seat is hand made by our fine coach trimmers, the material cut from Geezer Butler’s very own biker jacket (ok, that bit’s a lie). The upgraded halogen headlamp is shrouded with a satin grill for extra protection, its beady yellow eye makes the Sabbath the meanest of the Mutts.

The satin black custom exhaust is fashioned from stainless steel and howls at the moon like no other 125. Custom shocks in satin black, of course, keep the bike well planted on the road. The hand finished aluminium mudguards are short cut, just enough to keep the road grime out of you face and are finished in… yes, satin black and topped off with that cool little LED tail light.

Of course this Mutt has a 5-speed box, gear indicator, electric start and everything else you would expect to find on a modern bike. The bullet proof, 4-stroke motor is housed in our twin shock tube frame and fuel injected for that extra smooth bit of poke.

How much blacker could we be? ‘none more black’. If you want yourself a bad ass limited edition Mutt then the Blackest Sabbath is the boy.

Engine Type

fuel injected4-stroke single cylinder

Displacement CC


Max Power Output

12 hp

Max Torque

10 Nm

Fuel Tank Capacity

12 L

Transmission Type

5 speed manual

Seat Height

780 mm

Kerb Weight

105 kg