Sat, 08 Jul 2017

Toffs and Totties Charity ride out - 2017

A hundred motorbikes set off from Frasers Motorcycles and roared across the Cotswolds raising money for Scoo-b-doo the Special Care Baby Unit at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, on the second Toffs and Totties Charity ride out Frasers Motorcycles have had the pleasure to sponsor.
The bikers out did themselves dressing in traditional clothes and fine dining attire and some of the ladies were wearing posh gowns for the occasion.
Leaving Frasers with a cacophony of Horns and High revs organiser Mark Merrett and his team of Marshals led riders on a hundred mile round trip of the cotswolds stopping in towns along the way to raise awareness and funds for Scoo-b-doo.
Mark Said, “Just by parking up along the routes we were able to talk to the members of the public about what we were raising money for and overall we raised over £900 in donations.”
Marks partner Michelle Weaving, 36, also played a huge part in the organisation of the day. Both of them were inspired to raise money for Scoo Be Doo as Mark’s niece had spent a number of weeks in special care.
Mark said: “Speaking to the other bikers you then realise how important it is to raise money for charities like this and how many people have had or know children that have been in the unit.”
The Scoo-B-Doo charity supports the neonatal unit at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital that help sick and premature babies in the county.
A date has been set for the next meeting already July 7, 2018.
Mark said: “Before we set off we all revved our engines like a salute in Stow and the noise was immense and the windows shook.
“The whole day was just fantastic, when we finished the day by riding into Gloucester the whole of the city centre just seemed to stop, just a brilliant day.
The ride out was sponsored by Frasers of Gloucester, and other local businesses in the Motorcycle industry 
Mark and his team's just-giving page is up and running Please do visit the link below and help out this great cause.