Cancellation of orders & deliveries
Clauses 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 & 28 below shall only apply to a person who purchases goods as a consumer buyer and is resident within European Economic Community where rights which accrue by virtue of the Consumer Protection (Distance selling) Regulations apply.

23. A consumer buyer shall have the right to cancel any contract for goods made by means of distance communication, in accordance with these Terms & Conditions, within 14 working days of delivery of the goods. Special order goods shall not be returnable under the terms of this clause. Cancellation of the contract can be effected by service of a Written Notice signed by the consumer buyer which details clearly the Companies Sales Order number and the name and address of the consumer Buyer and delivered either by fax to the number printed on the invoice or by post to the company’s registered office.
24. If a written notice of Cancellation is received by the Company in accordance with clause 25 the Consumer Buyer shall become liable to return the goods to the Company forthwith, to such address as directed by the Company in their original packaging (and without having been installed or used and with all relevant seals and enclosures intact) and at the consumer buyer’s sole expense.
25. If the consumer Buyer fails to return the goods in accordance with clause 26 within 14 days of the cancellation of the contract, the Company shall be entitled to collect the goods from the consumer buyer and to recover any reasonable costs involved in such collection from the consumer buyer.
26. The Company shall then affect a refund of any monies owing to the consumer buyer in respect of the goods within 30 days from the date of cancellation or receipt of goods by the company. Such a refund will be subject to any set off of monies to which the company is entitled under clause 27.
27. Goods purchased and delivered to the Buyer otherwise than by means of distance communication (including a trade buyer) may be returned to the Company in original packaging (and without being installed or used and with all relevant seals and enclosures intact) for credit within 14 days of receipt by the buyer. Credit shall be subject to the Buyer producing proof of purchase and returning goods carriage paid. Special order goods shall not be returnable by virtue of this clause.
28. The Buyer confirms that he shall comply with any or all rules and instructions relating to installation and use of the product concerned and fully accepts that any loss which results from forced, misdirected, inappropriate or unqualified installation or use shall not be accepted by the Company.